Currently accepting commissions!

Contact me at for your commission inquiries.

So, you'd like to purchase some custom artwork? Whether it be for your home, as a gift, or just for fun, I'd be more than happy to work with you on a new piece! While I'm specialized in watercolor portraiture, I'm also confident with many other mediums and subjects. Send me an idea with any photos for inspiration and let's negotiate a price point! Find an estimate in the FAQ's.

Commissions $50 and above require at least half of the payment upfront.

Commissions below $50 require all payment upfront.

After you've been quoted, you will receive an invoice in your email.

Commission FAQ's

What can you draw/paint?

You name it! If you can provide a picture, I can draw or paint it for you. While hyper-realism is not my goal or specialty, a reference picture or multiple is plenty helpful when coming up with inspiration for a new piece. I specialize in watercolor and digital portraiture but am always happy to take on new projects even if they prove to be a challenge.


How are your prices calculated?

The size of the piece is the biggest factor in determining a price point; as the cost of materials and time invested is heavily dependent on the size. In addition, the subject matter can weigh on the price. Especially if there's multiple subjects in the composition. Here's a table to estimate your quote:

 digital jpeg  up to $50
 5" x 7"  up to $75
 8" x 10"  up to $150
 11" x 14"  up to $300

Anything larger than 11" x 14", I'd be happy to negotiate a reasonable price point!


What if I'm not satisfied with the piece?

Throughout my art process, I will update you with multiple photos so any communication regarding tweaks and adjustments can be made at an early stage. Of course, if the final piece is presented and you're still unhappy with it, I'm happy to discuss ways we can make it exactly the way you'd like. If that means starting again, I'm sure to knock it out of the park second time around. Yet, if all else fails and you'd rather get your money back, I'd be happy to issue you a refund.